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About Us

EliteFTS \ ι·lite FTS \ n 1. 
The best or most skilled members of a 
group providing an organized set of interrelated ideas, principles, 
services and products intended to help customers increase their state 
or condition of being fit. 2. A group of elite athletes put together 
for the purpose of making average athletes elite and elite athletes 

EFS- Primary Aim:
“To lead, learn and pass on.”

Company Story

Dave Tate founded Elite Fitness Systems in January 1999 after logging on the internet for the first time. He could not believe the incredible amount of misinformation in regards to training for sports. Dave realized that there were thousands of coaches and athletes that were looking for training advice but most were coming up short. Dave set up a question and answer through a power lifting web site and began writing articles to help these athletes and coaches with their training programs. In his 20 years as a competitive strength athlete, Dave has used every type of training equipment and program on the market. After struggling through years of little progress he learned one very important thing; most companies do not care about the success of the training program. Dave wanted to make a difference and Elite Fitness Systems was born. 

This became the driving force behind Elite Fitness Systems. Elite Fitness Systems (EFS) places the success of the training program before everything else. This is making EFS a leader in the strength and conditioning field.

Elite Fitness Systems has become a leader in the strength and conditioning field by specializing in making the best athletes elite and the novice athletes better. This is not accomplished with gimmicks and marketing tactics but by placing the training needs of our customers first and by providing solid training advice and equipment that actually works. 

Placing the success of our customer’s training program first is what keeps them coming back. Because of their success, the customers go out of their way to help promote Elite Fitness Systems to their family, friends and colleagues. Our customers are our greatest advertising source. The passion they have for our company is seen in the repeat business and the daily visits to our web site. Exceeding the expectations is what has made EFS the fastest growing web site in the industry. Thousands of customers and prospects worldwide have found the information on the site to be the solution to problems they have spent years trying to overcome. In many cases, Elite Fitness Systems has provoked life changing experiences and hope for those who gave up long ago. 

Elite Fitness Systems provides an evolving solution to an unfulfilled gap in the fitness industry. Not only does EFS provide solutions, it looks for answers. These answers are found through our customer feedback in the form of surveys, calls, letters and our interactive sections of the web site. We provide the information and then they let us know what works. This information is then filtered back through the system in order to help others who may also have the same problems. 

The amazing growth of Elite Fitness Systems is a testament to the mission the company was founded on. This mission will bring future success to even more customers with a special focus being placed on the University and High School strength training programs. This market will provide the opportunity for Elite Fitness Systems to raise the standard for strength and conditioning throughout the country and will secure EFS as the #1 leader of the industry. 

Mission Statement

Elite Fitness Systems strives to be a recognized leader in the strength training industry by providing the highest quality strength training products and services while providing the highest level of customer service in the industry. 


With continuous improvement we provide strength coaches, athletes and trainers the highest quality equipment, personalized service and knowledge they need to advance their training programs. 


We have a passion for empowering success through personal achievement. 


Prepare – Perform – Prevail 

We will provide an unforgettable experience for our customers making us the greatest strength training resource in the world. 

We will establish relationships and traditions that will create lasting value by living, learning, listening and being there for our customers. 

We will create and foster an enjoyable environment for our staff and customers that will empower them to be the best they can. 

We will choose to bring our best attitude to each day.

EFS Core Values

• Career – The desire to advance within the company based on prior performance and potential achievement.

• Courage – The strength to take chances, innovate and experiment to help build the company into a world leader.

• Education – The willingness to continue personal and professional education to help build the company as well as the person.

• Empowerment – The desire to achieve and pass on high level of self esteem and self actualization. 

• Teamwork – The ability to work together and create an atmosphere in which everyone has the chance to contribute and achieve success.
• Integrity – Live and work with trust, honesty, caring, fairness, loyalty, and diversity. These values are essential for the growth of the individual and EFS.

• Attitude – Approach life and work with passion, a smile and a positive state of mind. 

• Execution – The ability to put a plan into a successful action.

• Quality – Expect nothing but the best from yourself, your co-workers and the company.


Elitefts will help educate and outfit the strongest athletes in the world by becoming "partners" not "spotters". Training partners work together toward the goal of making each person better. Spotters are there only when asked or added trust is needed. Together will can and will create a legacy in the name of strength and conditioning.

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