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Powerlifting Articles

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Five New Powerlifting Assistance Exercises by Bret Contreras (3/10/10)

2010 Lexen Extreme Pro/Am Writeup by Jason Pegg (2/23/10)

So You Want to be a Meet Director? by Scott Yard (2/17/10)

The Mindset of a Powerlifter by Robert Trevino (2/01/10)

Assistance Exercises for the Raw Squatter by Scott Yard (1/27/10)

Extreme Squat Training and Squat Cycle by Matt Wenning (1/19/10)

Improving the Deadlift by David Adamson (1/12/10)

How to Add Cardio and Diet to Your Powerlifting Regimen by Adam Signoretta (1/7/10)

The New Lifter by Derek Barker (1/6/10)

Training Blast & Dust by Dave Tate (12/24/09)

60 Bench Tips and Common Mistakes EFS Readers (12/23/09)

The Mindset Behind a Great Bench Press by Vincent Dizenzo (12/21/09)

How to Set Up on the Deadlift by Jim Smith (12/17/09)

Long Arms, High Hips, Strong Deadlifts by Myles Kantor (12/15/09)

Successful Box Squat Cycles by Dave Tate (11/30/09)

The Missed Lift by Dave Tate (11/16/09)

1100 Pound Abs by Dave Tate (11/16/09)

Beginner Deadlift Considerations: Conventional or Sumo? by Derek Barker (11/12/09)

Team EliteFTS Meet Report: Al Caslow by Al Caslow (10/29/09)

Bench Training for Gear and Raw by Matt Wenning (10/22/09)

Your First Meet by Derek Barker (10/15/09)

Training Individuality by Matt Wenning (9/24/09)

Going Raw by Scott Yard (9/24/09)

Reach a 1000-lb Squat Easily by Matt Wenning (9/10/09)

Five Pounds Is Gold by Myles Kantor (6/11/09)

Five Random Things I’ve Learned at Westside by AJ Roberts (5/21/09)

ABCs of Squatting, Part I by Chris Clark (5/07/09)

Elite FTS Meet Report: Hannah Johnson by Hannah Johnson (4/09/09)

Meet Preparation by Chris Clark (3/19/09)

Defending the Bench Press by Mike Robertson (2/26/09)

Benching with the Big Boys When You’re Not by Eric Patterson (2/19/09)

Jeremy Frey Meet Report by Jeremy Frey (2/5/09)

Monolifting Made Easy: Part 1 by Jason Pegg (1/8/09)

Bench Terminology and Execution for Dummies by Chris Clark (12/18/08)

Squatting with Bands by Thomas Lowder (12/11/08)

How I Improved My Deadlift in Fifteen Months by Steven Morris (9/16/08)

The 5/3/1 Bench Routine for the Equipped Lifter by Jason Adams (9/11/08)

Your First Meet Part III: The Meet by Mike Robertson (7/17/08)

Your First Meet Part II: Getting Diesel by Mike Robertson (7/10/08)

Your First Meet Part I: Setting a Date and Developing Goals by Mike Robertson (7/03/08)

Getting Ready to Powerlift by Matt Rhodes (6/26/08)

Tricks of the Trade by Chris Clark (6/20/08)

After the Meet Is Before the Meet by Myles Kantor (6/5/08)

Rules for Maintaining a Successful Powerlifting Club by Travis Mash (5/15/08)

Advanced Sumo Deadlift Training by Chris Clark (5/08/08)

Staying Tight by Kristen A. Yukness (4/10/08)

Advice for the Young Lifter by Matt Kroczaleski (4/03/08)

The SOS Way by Al Caslow (4/03/08)

Bench Shirt Training by Matt Rhodes (4/03/08)

Deadlift Considerations For Taller Athletes by Kenny Hinchman (3/27/08)

Raw Squatting by Matt Rhodes (3/27/08)

My Road to Elite by Justin Enes (3/13/08)

How to Cut Maximum Weight for Competitions with a 24-Hour Weigh In by Matt Kroczaleski (3/13/08)

Corrective Power Lifting: Getting Jacked Without Getting Jacked Up by Elliott Hulse (2/28/08)

Six Hundred Pounds of Raw Bench by Matt Rhodes (2/28/08)

A Powerlifter’s Guide to Making Weight by Matthew Gary (2/28/08)

A Breakdown of Powerlifting by Kyle Newell (2/28/08)

One Thing We Can Do by Dave Solan (2/21/08)

Manipulating a Training Program: Part 1, Ed Coan and Mark Phillipi Deadlift Routine by Anthony Cissell (2/21/08)

Bombing or Winning—Which Was Better? by Billy Mimnaugh (2/14/08)

2007 Wolverine Meet Report by Matt Kroczaleski (1/31/08)

Theodore Roosevelt on Powerlifting by Myles Kantor (1/31/08)

My Epiphany of Strength by Chad Aichs (1/31/08)

My Results from the USPF Regionals by Mike Ruggiera (1/24/08)

I’m a Powerlifter by Chip Conrad (1/24/08)

How to break PR's by Casey S. Rusbridge (1/17/08)

Meet Report - How Spud helps Thomas Phillips break RAW Pr's by Thomas Phillips (1/03/08)

Powerlifters have Values? by Charles Staeven (12/27/07)

Raw Bench Pressing - 10 Things You Need To Know by Jim Wendler (12/20/07)

Safety in the Gym and on the Platform by Mark Roskell (12/20/07)(pdf)

Sumo Deadlift: An EliteFTS Roundtable Discussion with James Smith, Dave Tate, Jim Wendler, J.L. Holdsworth, Mark Bell, and Brian Schwab (12/13/07)

Defending Olympic Lifting Movements for Athletes, Strongmen, and Powerlifters by Matt Delaney (12/13/07)

Strongman Training for Powerlifting Gains by Michael Watkins (11/23/07)

The Virgin by Dickie White (11/08/07)

New Scars by Marc Bartley (10/25/07)

How I Derailed My Training by Blowing Off Good Advice by Lonnie Watson (10/11/07)

Powerlifting and ADD by Chris Smith (9/27/07)

A Taste of Cherry, Part III: The Meet by Casey S. Rusbridge (9/20/07)

Handling lifters at a Meet by Bob Youngs (09/14/07)

Goofus and Gallant Go to a Bench Meet by Jack Reape (8/02/07)

Beginners Guide to Strength Training: To Speed or Not to Speed by Michael Pelosi(8/02/07)

What I Learned from Bodybuilding and How It Can Help Your Powerlifting by Billy Mimnaugh (7/26/07)

The Comeback: Part 2 The Evolution of a Powerlifter by Rick Walker (7/26/07)

What Determines Proper Squat Technique? by Dr. Yessis (7/19/07)

The Clayton Meet by Hannah Johnston (7/12/07)

How to Increase Your Squat and Deadlift and Do Less Work in the Process! by Jim Hoskinson (7/12/07)

Signify Something by Donnie Thompson (6/14/07)

Starting at 30 by Andrew Billing (5/10/07)

Jedi Mind Tricks to Up Your Squat by Thomas Phillips (5/10/07)

Applying the Conjugate/Concurrent Method with the 2007 ABA Champion Vermont Frost Heaves by Scott Caulfield (5/10/07)

What Should I Do? by CJ Murphy (5/03/07)

Top 10 Mistakes Novice Lifters Make by Matthew Gary(5/03/07)

The Comeback: Part 1 by Rick Walker(4/19/07)

Go Sumo! by Alexander Kang (4/12/07)

On Chicken Sacrifice, Speed, and Deadlifts by Rick Walker (4/05/07)

Finnish Deadlift Secrets Part 2: The Sumo System by Sakari Selkäinaho (4/05/07)

Building the Deadlift: The Corrective Approach by Jimmy Smith (3/22/07)

A Taste of Cherry: Training for My First Meet, Part I by Casey S. Rusbridge (3/22/07)

How I Added 100 lbs to My Deadlift in Six Months: A Chronicle of an Obsessive Compulsive Deadlifter by Nathan J. Polencheck (3/15/07)

Bench Pressing for Dummies by Mike Johnston (3/08/07)

Sumo Deadlift: EliteFTS Roundtable Discussion by Team EFS (2/22/07)

Chains—Not Just for the Bedroom Anymore by Chris Clark (2/15/07)

Westside over the Years: 1992–2005 by Dave Tate (2/08/07)

Then and Now by Louie Simmons (2/08/07)

Box Squatting by Louie Simmons (2/08/07)

Overcoming Plateaus: The Deadlift by Louie Simmons (2/08/07)

Advanced System for Beginners by Louie Simmons (2/08/07)

Methods of Max Effort, Part I and II by Dave Tate(2/01/07)

A Squat Cycle You Never Tried by Jim Wendler(2/01/07)

Progression of the Bench: Part 2 by Mike Strom(1/25/07)

The Road to Knowledge by Alexander Kang(1/11/07)

Squatting Big in Canvas by Charles Fay(1/11/07)

Back to the Rock Pile: Don’t Mess with the Formula by Dalen Randa(1/11/07)

Progression of the Bench: Technique and Set Up by Mike Strom(12/21/06)

WPO Semis Training Cycle: Evaluate, Change, Fail, Learn, and Start Over by Marc “Spud” Bartley(11/30/06)

Going Deeper in the Squat and Westside by Jack Reape(11/30/06)

The Effects of Strongman on a Powerlifter by Mike Pelosi(11/23/06)

Sushi Improvements by David Adamson(11/16/06)

Training the Deadlift by Mike Pelosi(10/19/06)

Somewhere Between Moscow and Columbus by Jack Reape(08/24/06)

Repetition Work (or How to Rip Off Joe DeFranco, Add a Twist, and Call It My Own) by Jim wendler (08/17/06)

D.E. Bench…R.I.P.? by Jim wendler (08/10/06)

Cutting Weight by Matt Kroczaleski (08/03/06)

Periodization for the Competitive Bench Presser: What System Works Best? by Lee Zimmerman (07/27/06)

Adjust Your Pull-Up Technique for a Bigger Bench by Thomas Phillips (07/27/06)

The Art of Triples by Vinny Dizenzo (06/29/06)

So You Want to Gain Weight? by Marc Bartley (06/15/06)

Fat Man Conditioning by Mike Robertson(06/08/06)

Conditioning for Powerlifters by Jim Wendler(05/11/06)

Deadlift with Style by Thomas Phillips (05/04/06)

Mistakes by a First Time Lifter by Matt Ladewski (04/27/06)

Converting to Sumo Deadlifting: How I Made It Work for Me by Marc Bartley(04/21/06)

A New Look at Three Days a Week by Jim Wendler(04/14/06)

Starting Strength by Jay Floyd (4/06/06)

Overcoming the Pressure of a Six-Pack: How I Gained 100 lbs in High School by Charles Fay (3/30/06)

Understanding Supplemental Exercises: The Deadlift by Mike Robertson (3/30/06)

Top Five Max Effort Mistakes by Jim Wendler (3/23/06)

Upper Back for the Bench by Jim Wendler (2/24/06)

Falling Forward in the Squat by Dave Tate (2/16/06)

Cycling for the Big Meet by Travis Mash (2/16/06)

Intermediate Madness by Mike Robertson (1/5/06)

Choosing and Training Your Openers by Jim Wendler (1/5/06)

Frequent Pulling for Faster Progress: 12 Weeks to a Bigger Deadlift by Eric Cressey (12/30/05)

Bigger and Better Benching by Marc Bartley (12/09/05)

Things I Would Do Differently by Bob Youngs (12/09/05)

Thompson’s 10 Rules for Squatting Big by Donnie Thompson (12/02/05)

I Thought It Was Pretty Simple by Bob Youngs (11/23/05)

Top Ten Squat Tips by Chris “Ox” Mason (11/18/05)

How to Strengthen Rosie and her Five Friends by Jim Wendler(10/28/05)

Speed Strength- The Phase before "The Phase" by Julia Ladewski(10/20/05)

Bench Training with Ed Rectenwald (10/14/05)

Push/Pull by Jim Wendler (10/14/05)

How to Double Your Bench Press by Matt Bash (9/29/05)

10 Tips for Sumo Deadlifting by Brian Schwab (9/16/05)

How to Bench Like a Stripper by Jim Wendler(7/15/05)

Step-Up, Set-Up, and Bench by Jesse Burdick(5/05)

Going Heavy by Jim Wendler(5/05)

Planning a Powerlifting Meet by Dave Tate(2/05)

So You Want to be a Powerlifter? by Chris Mason(11/04)

First Meet Diary by Jeff Brum(11/04)

My experience at the 2004 WPO Bench Bash for Cash by Ed Rectnwald (10/04)

Bigger, Faster and Stronger by Aaron DiPrima (10/04)

Training with Angelo Beradinelli's Progressive Evolution System by Sean Donegan(6/04)

Grip Training for your Deadlift by James Smith(5/04)

Got Bench? by DB Hammer(4/04)

The Seven P's by Mike Miller (4/04)

Observations of Beginner Mistakes by Mark Burrows(2/04)

Five Things I Need to Change as an Intermediate Lifter by Lonnie Watson (1/04)

Bench Shirt 101 by Jim Wendler (12/03)

Nazareth Barbell Powertraining's 2003 Halloween Bench/Dead Bash(11/03)

Biomechanical Analysis of the Deadlift by Martyn Girvan(11/03)

Starting Over by Mike Miller(9/03)

First Meet Training by Al Baker(9/03)

Teamwork and Powerlifting by Donald Johnson(8/03)

Westside Raw by Shawn Boylan(8/03)

Seminar Squats by Jim Wendler (8/03)

Stay Tight, Lift Big by Chuck Scherza (7/03)

Squat Training:A Different Perspective by Jim Wendler (7/03)

Back your Bench by DB Hammer (6/03)

My Diary by Bob Youngs (4/03)

Iron House Open by Dave Tate (4/03)

Training the Bench Press

What is Elite?

Best Caliber Athletes

The Road to 700 by Mike Miller

Starting a Powerlifting Club by Bob Youngs

Things I have learned by Steve Fredine

To the beginner by Mike Miller

Powerlifting Girl Style training with Meghan Hobman

Southside Gym by Billy Mimnaugh

Training the Juniors by Sakari

So you want to be a meet director?

Finnish Deadlift Secrets

Preparation for the 2001 IPA Nationals

My Trip to Westside Barbell by Scott Mendelson

Bench Press Article by JM Blakley

The Specialist

FINNISH FINISH - National Approach to Box Squatting

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