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248.855.6777 Launches the Lift Strong Line to Benefit The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

London, Ohio (September 2, 2009) — Every four minutes a person is diagnosed with a blood cancer; every 10 minutes someone dies from it; and nearly 140,000 people this year will be told that they have leukemia, lymphoma or myeloma. With research and funding of critical importance, Elite Fitness Systems ( has taken the lead for the strength and fitness community and launched the Lift Strong Line ( of apparel, merchandise and seminars ( All proceeds will go to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

In 2007, two-time stage IV cancer survivor Alwyn Cosgrove formalized with the Lift Strong initiative by introducing the Lift Strong CD-Manual—more than 800 pages of articles from today’s leading fitness specialist (

Cosgrove said: “The reason for Lift Strong is because we can cure cancer, but we need the funding. I am alive today, because we knew enough as a result of research money to administer treatments that saved me. If research funding was sufficient, we could know even more and, some day, be able to save more lives and eradicate the disease. It is that simple.”

Elite Fitness Systems Founder and President Dave Tate, added: “I have lost far too many people from these diseases. I've watched too many people I care about fight for their lives. There will be more and, if you really think about it, we are all targets. There are four people on the EliteFTS Q&A staff alone who've had to battle cancer — one who is doing so now — and several others who've lost multiple loved ones. Everyone knows someone who has run a marathon or walked to raise money for charity. With Lift Strong, my vision is to see the strength community band together and finally lead the charge.”

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