6" Single Tri-Bell for Triceps

If your down for more with less the 6-inch tri-bell for triceps is an awesome attachment that will prove useful in more ways than you can imagine.
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Strength N/A

While experiencing the best dumbbell overhead triceps extension have to offer be it standing, seated or lying. Without the pain and risk of loading / unloading those awkward heavy dumbbells. If your down for more with less the 6″Tri-Bells is as good as it gets.
◦Targets lateral AND long head triceps muscles
◦Strengthens and conditions forearms, wrists and hands
◦6” Super single model provides a first ever cable machine alternative for single dumbbell triceps extension exercises
◦Uses common rope style exercise movements
◦Outperforms common triceps rope
◦Patent pending hemispherical gripping surface and revolutionary new sport grip
◦Spider web thin 1000# strong cable suspension system
◦Hygienic rubberized cable sleeves
◦Powder coated non slip grip surface
◦Commercial grade, USA made
US Patent #8,491,448 B2

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