Mark Dugdale


Mark Dugdale is an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder via an overall win at the 2004 NPC USA and to-date competed in over 35 pro contests including 5 Olympia appearances. Mark and his wife Christina enjoy 21 years of marriage and three daughters – 19, 17 and 15. Aside from his passion for training he is the sole owner of Garden Fresh Foods which operates out of a 42,000 square foot building and employs over 80 people while providing fresh-cut produce solutions to foodservice and food manufacturers in the greater NW region. Highly engaged in running Garden Fresh Foods alongside Christina, his future competitive plans remain uncertain at present. To maintain his sanity raising daughters and running a business he continues to challenge himself in the gym as evidenced by his active training log. His overarching goal is to display the fingerprints of Jesus in all areas of his life.

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