Matt Rhodes

Matt Rhodes is a tremendous resource for our readers. He brings that hard-to-find mix of real-world playing and coaching experience. Rhodes started his collegiate career as a lacrosse player at the University of Massachusetts Amherst from 1994-1996. He later transferred to the University of Arizona, where he played football from 1996-1998. After college, he played arena football for the Richmond Speed before suffering a career-ending neck injury. After his playing career, Rhodes coached football at the University of Richmond and later interned for Buddy Morris at the University of Pittsburgh. After eight years as a personal trainer, he is back in the collegiate ranks as a strength and conditioning coach with stops at Yale, the University at Albany, and the University of Rhode Island, where he worked with Dan Hurley. Rhodes competed in powerlifting from 2001-2014. His geared numbers include a 930 squat and a 605 bench. His raw numbers include a 650 squat, 485 bench and a 760 deadlift, all done in the 308-pound class. Currently, Rhodes oversees the strength and conditioning program at Morehead State where he works directly with football, men's and women's basketball, volleyball, baseball, and softball. He also oversees all injured athletes and handles their rehab programs as they make their way back to "return to play" status.