Yessica Martinez


Yessica Martinez earned her elite title in 2011. Currently, she holds the APF Florida State and National Record in Junior and Open Women's Raw division with a 830.5-pound total. Trying to dominate the iron world, she is also a strongman competitor. As a raw powerlifter and strongman competitor, her ultimate goal is to watch the sport grow and know she contributed to that in some way. Best lifts to date are 358 squat, 187 bench, and 358 deadlift with a 903 total with wraps.

  • Pause Squats

    Adapting to my new training schedule, currently I am training assistance work during the week and traveling to the compound on the weekend to get some coaching with gear.

    Pause Squats
  • Bench / Upper Body

    I want my triceps to be as big as Julia Ladewskis butt. Possible?

    Bench / Upper Body
  • Deadlift (Raw)

    Inconveniences just make things so much sweeter.

    Deadlift (Raw)
  • Bench

    After taking first place at the Live Large Fall Brawl II, Yessica wants to mix up her training as she preps for her next meet. She’ll be doing all the things except getting under a bar. Her logs will cover yoga, salsa/bachata, and conditioning. Plus you’ll get to see her train for her next geared meet in July. The goal? Compete in raw and see the carryover.