Bear Crawl Handles

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Complete your core training while building strong(er) arms, all in one movement.

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Do you do Bear Crawls?

Have you ever done a Bear Crawl?

It's an excellent conditioning movement that will build a strong core and even strong(er) arms but can kill your wrists in the process.

These handles are a great solution to this and provide a way to add weight to the movement.

These are also great for:


*Renegade rows

*Swings and many other kettlebell type movements.

*Upright Rows

*Bear Craws

*Hill Bear Craws

*Stair Bear Crawls

*Handstand Pushups

*Chest Supported Rows

*Due to the unique leverage of the handles they are awesome for all type of shoulder raises.

Notes: These steel handles are sold as a pair, weights not included, 5 inch loading steam will hold standard Olympic plates 25 pounds and under.

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