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Kabuki Strength Boomstick


  • - Body Tempering -

  • - Targeting Trigger Points with Contoured Ends -

  • - Shearing of Fascia and Muscle Tissue -


This new product was developed by product engineers at Kabuki Strength.  The Boomstick is a body tempering tool for all serious athletes and is best used individually or with a teammate to diffuse and break up muscle and adhesive tissue. This highly anaerobic tool allows myofascial release to be done in seconds instead of hours and will allow the muscle to perform at its best.

This 22 lb. high-grade steel tool is highly effective as a body-tempering roller for the smaller extremities.
The weight and perfectly contoured ends are designed to optimize use for targeting specific trigger points when used on yourself, or by a body worker or clinician. There is not a better tool for targeting the deep tissue and effectively releasing key trigger points in the pecs, shoulders, subscap, hamstring and more.
The knurl isn't just for grip, its mild enough not to cut the skin and allow it to be twisted  providing a shearing effect to fascia and muscle tissue.  
The Boomstick can be used pre or post workout to prepare the muscle for training or to assist in post training relief.
To defeat hypertonicity, you need the Boomstick.

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