Maximal Training With Minimal Equipment: Bare Bones Conjugate (EBOOK)

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Maximal Training With Minimal Equipment is a quick start guide/program for those wanting to use the basic conjugate template without specialty equipment. A rack, a bench and a bar are the only equipment you will need for this 12 week program. For lifters wanting even more variety and the benefits of bands an additional 12 week program is included.


Maximal Training With Minimal Equipment: Bare Bones Conjugate

By Matt Ladewski

103 pages

Conjugate training is much more than bands, chains, and specialty bars. Neither is it defined by box squats, sled dragging, or powerlifting gear. In fact, it can be done with very minimal gear. In this book, I’ll address all the issues someone might have in translating the conjugate strength training system to a minimal equipment situation.

That means it’s time to forget about what you don’t have, and consider the possibilities of what you do have. On the Q&A, someone recently asked if they should switch systems because they didn’t have all the equipment typically associated conjugate training. The question got me thinking...

Yes, it’s true! We do often consider all the specialty bars, bands, chains, and other conjugate training accessories as key elements and differentiators of the conjugate training method. But it’s actually not about all that stuff. 

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