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Ultimate Prowler Package

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You've heard of it, now try it for yourself. The sickest, baddest, and most rewarding conditioning tool on the planet. Loaded up with everything you'll ever need. You can't beat an American original!
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When we first heard about the Prowler, we dismissed it as just another sled.

And then we used it.

We found out real fast what kind of shape we were in. We didn't get a chance to drag it or do any of the other great movements because we were too busy puking our guts out after nothing more than a couple short pushes.

So if you think you are in shape, you're wrong!

The Prowler 2 is great for:

General conditioning

All types of sled dragging or pushing

Building lower and upper body strength and endurance

Anything else you can think of.

This package includes: Prowler 2, Sled Strap, Upper Body Strap, 1 1/2" Manila Sled Rope 25', Drive Pad, Reverse Push Handles, Utility Tray, All-Action Harness (S, M, or L), and Econo Core Blaster.

Special note to coaches:
The Prowler 2 is the perfect tool for use in team situations as well as training scenarios that require a competitive atmosphere.

The Prowler was originally designed to condition linemen. The low handles can be pushed from either direction- from the front or rear of the sled sled. When pushing from behind, the trainee is required to sink his or her hips extremely low to move the sled, or else the front ski will just sink into the ground. The Prowler 2 is the only push/pull sled on the market that is constructed to allow such variety of mobility.

The Prowler 2 will break down to fit in your trunk or truck bed. It measures 43"x 36"x 16" with the upright poles removed and weighs 75 pounds.

This sled can be used on any surface: grass, concrete, pavement, or artificial turf. The optional UHMW skis allow for it to be pushed on rubber flooring as well.

elitefts™ is not responsible for any damage or wear to the skis of the Prowler when pushing on concrete or pavement!

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