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EliteFTS Competition Monolift


The ultimate monolift that allows for the easy start and racking of your heaviest squats, as well as ultra smooth adjustments. Call for pricing on two tone frame.

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The Perfect Competition Monolift

This specially designed monolift allows for optimal squat training by eliminating the need to walk weights out. You un-rack the weight while your training partner pulls the lever moving the rack hooks forward. The hydraulic lift and lever support stands adjust for all heights and hand positions.

Did you read those last two words? Hand Positions. It's safe to say there is more hand position variation on a barbell than squat styles and for that reason alone, we knew we needed something different for competition. What makes this monolift different?

We redesigned the rack hooks to eliminate metal on metal grinding when the hooks are adjusted. Using UHMW rollers, the rack hooks are as study as always yet keep the knurling on the bar sharp and extend the lifespan of the rack hooks. UHMW is the strongest, most impact resist thermoplastic EVER made - it can handle the impact of 1300+ lb loaded squat bars yet still caress them gingerly - preserving the knurling. Now you can adjust hooks as necessary without ruining your expensive bars.  


  • Made for heavy competitive and commercial use.
  • Excellent for all types of squats, box squats and good morning movements.
  • Extra wide base for wide squatting.
  • Quick action jack
  • Reverse band posts
  • Laser cut numbers
  • Anti-tip front support
  • Total Footprint:  63"W x 53.5"D
  • UHMW rack hook rollers

If you are a serious powerlifter, meet promoter, trainer or strength coach this monolift will change you forever. Meets run faster, weight changes smother, and training in groups is no longer a problem. It only takes seconds to change rack heights or move the weight hooks to different positions. 

elitefts™.com Inc. does not support or endorse the use of any suspension strap, chain, rope, band or other device from the top of this equipment. This can result in serious injury and or death. Using such attachments is at the risk and liability of the user and not that of elitefts™.com Inc., its partners, or its manufactures.

Want custom color options? Maybe two-toned? Call 888-854-8806 and we can help you customize your equipment. 

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