Metal Poker Bench Shirt


The newest bench shirt from Metal! Made on the basis of the Jack and Pro, this shirt features 3 non-laminated poly layers and no large chest seams - providing excellent pop off the chest.  

Ships from Finland. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.
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Metal Poker Bench Shirt

The newest shirt from our Finnish friends, the Metal Poker Bench Shirt is designed on the basis of  the Jack and the Pro.  This shirt is made of a new thicker and elastic fabric. 

The model and sizes are like the Jack bench shirt, but the 3 layers of polyester material are not laminated together and there are no extra seams on the front panel, this translates to less stopping power on the chest, but huge rebound.

The collar is thick and it is 4 cm (1 3/4 inches ) wide. Because of the angle of the sleeve and front panel, the shirt will work from the chest to the rack position.

Select your shirt so that the sleeves are tight - enabling you to use all the features. 

Putting the shirt on is made easy with an open back and a large velcro stripe. Jacking the shirt to fit right is made easier as well with handles on the back of the sleeves. 

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