Iron Neck Pro Bundle

The most advanced, controlled & measurable neck training solution.
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Iron Neck Pro combines horizontal and rotational resistance with the neck's natural movement patterns to give you the most effective and efficient neck training device on the market! 

Iron Neck Pro works with any weight-loaded cable pulley system or pneumatic resistance machine. With Stroops Slastix Resistance Bands, you can use the Iron Neck almost anywhere! The cinch anchor securely loops around any stable vertical post (i.e. squat racks, structural columns, goal posts, basketball hoops, etc). Clip one end of the resistance band into the cinch anchor and the other into the Iron Neck and you're good to go! 

What you get: 1 Iron Neck Pro, 1 Resistance Band, 1 Cinch Anchor, and 1 Skull Cap.

Need more than 1 Iron Neck? Call 888-854-8806 for volume discounts. 

1. Select Iron Neck Size:
Standard: fits heads with cap sizes 6" - 7.25" (head circumference 19" - 23")
Large: fits heads with cap sizes 7" - 8.25" (head circumference 22" - 25.5")

2. Select Resistance Band:
Super Heavy (50 lbs max resistance)
Very Heavy (35 lbs max resistance)
Heavy (25 lbs max resistance)

Bands are available in two lengths: 3 feet and 2 feet. The bands stretch up to 6 feet and 9 feet, respectively. To help you measure progress, resistance bands are shipped with a chart illustrating resistance weights, per band, at incremental distances.

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