elitefts™ Black Resistance Band Pack


The best band pack band for your buck on the market with the new sleek black design. The elitefts™ Black Band Pack is the perfect grouping of bands for your home workout or home gym.

*Due to all band packs already being offered at a discounted price they are exempt from all band sales and promotions. 

elitefts™ Black Resistance Band Pack

We took the guesswork out of figuring out what bands you needed and compiled them into an easy-to-purchase bundle!  

The elitefts™ Black Resistance Band Pack has everything you need - from beginner to elite. This is the ideal pack for your home or commercial gym! 

This band pack contains:

2 elitefts™ Black Mini Bands - Our most popular bands. These are the number one bands for bench press training on both max effort and dynamic effort training days. Great for stretching movements, mobility training, hip ad/abduction, and shoulder traction. The tension on these ranges from 25.5 pounds to 53.8 pounds.

2 elitefts™ Black Monster Mini Bands perfect for those who need more tension than mini bands but less than the light bands. Strength athletes like yourself are always pushing the limits and need a higher degree of resistance to increase work output and stabilization. This is huge when it comes to advancing in your sport. The tension on these ranges from 35.4 pounds to 91.5 pounds.

2 elitefts™ Black Mini Bands  - Another crowd favorite, the elitefts™ Pro Resistance Light Bands are excellent for max effort training with various bench movements like the board and pin press. Great for dynamic squat training for those who squat up to 450 pounds. The tension on these ranges from 56.8 pounds to 124.9 pounds. 

2 elitefts™ Black Average Bands - Our second strongest band, these bad boys are unrelenting. The elitefts™ Pro Resistance Average Bands range from 86.9 pounds to 192.5 pounds. Depending on set-up, they can provide around 140 pounds of tension at the top of a squat and 200 pounds on a bench press. 

2 elitefts™ Black Strong Bands - Made for the elite.. these are among the strongest bands on the market. Perfect for max effort, dynamic, and circa max squatting. Ideal for team settings with limited training equipment for assistance work. The tension on these ranges from 122.9 pounds to 275.1 pounds.

elitefts™ Black Resistance Bands are perfect for:

  • Band(ed) Good Mornings 
  • Dynamic and Max Effort Squats 
  • Dynamic and Max Effort Bench Presses
  • Band Pushdowns 
  • Band Rows 
  • Running and Agility Drills 
  • Reverse Band Deadlifts
  • Reverse Band Bench Presses
  • Reverse Band Squats
  • Stretching & Mobility
  • Pull Aparts, Face Pulls, All types of Shoulder Raises
  • Joint Traction/Distraction
  • Plus much more 


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