Mountain Dog Home Gym Band Pack


The perfect home gym version of the classic band pack that will soothe the Mountain Dog in your soul.

*Due to all band packs already being offered at a discounted price they are exempt from all band sales and promotions. 

* If this band pack is out of stock look at individual band pages to build your own. 

This band pack has been specially selected for use with John Meadows' home gym training videos. 

John trains consistently on weekend mornings with elitefts CEO and Founder, Dave Tate. It was decided that the easiest way for people to get the bands they needed for Mountain Dog Training would be to create a band pack specifically tailored for the home gym hero. 

This makes it simple for all you Mountain Dogs, or anyone else who wants a quality band pack. There are nine versatile bands in this pack:

  • Two (2) Pro Micro Band
  • Two (2) Pro Mini Bands
  • Two (2) Pro Monster Mini Bands
  • Two (2) Pro Light Bands
  • One (1) Pro Average Band

With this band pack, you'll have everything to hit the staples - and the minutiae - of any home gym workout. From spider walks to reverse band bench to band good mornings to pullaparts and everything in between, this economical band pack leaves you loaded with options to optimize your growth.

Product contains latex.

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