5 Causes of Failure

There’s always something crazy going on in this industry. At any moment, there’s a maniac in a weight room taking a dangerous lift and a shady businessman in an office finding a way to turn dirty profits. The posts you find here in my log are the musings of a mashed-up meathead — the reactions I have as I spend my whole life watching this industry. I will share my thoughts with you here, unedited, uncensored, unfiltered, and Under The Bar. If you are offended by profanity - do not read this. 


1. Lack of Purpose - I've written about the importance of finding purpose many times in the past but this goes beyond just finding your purpose but "defining" it. If you do not have a clearly defined purpose how will you know what to strive for, if you are on the right tract or when you get there?

There's ALWAYS a reason to get better, smarter, strong(er) but we all need to discover what that "reason" is for ourselves and then use it to drive us above and beyond.


2. Negative Personality - If all you see is the negative in the world than this is what you will attract. Most of the truly negative people I've known and been around are all good people but can't see that their outlook on life is the real cause of what is holding them back.

When they begin to understand that their negativity is not only impacting  themselves but others they will either place blame or come to the realization that their negative personality needs to change. This is not saying there is POWER in positive thinking because very little positive can happen without "action" and I know many negative people who are very action orientated and do extremely well but this is a very rare group.

For the most part a negative personality will lead to failure more times than not so if you are a negative person try to find the good things in your life and embrace them. They ARE there - most of the time in plain view if you open your eyes past all the negative crap floating around in your head.

If you are constantly around negative people find a way to spend less time with them because they will suck you dry. Something else to keep in mind. If you never find negative people around you then there is a BIG chance that you could be the negative one.


3. Wrong Choice - You picked the wrong sport, job, spouse, etc. There are two parts to this. You are either expecting too much or to little. If you feel your job and relationships should be GREAT and FUN 100% of the time you are sadly mistaken. Jobs and relationships take time and work for them to be great. The "crap" part of any sport, job or relationship is the price we pay to reap the rewards associated with the GREAT STUFF.

Let's look at this from a different perspective - A cold glass of milk.

Breast Milk Header

Let's assume you LOVE a cold glass of milk. What you really love is the taste and feeling associated with drinking the glass.

I wonder how many seconds it takes to slam down an 8oz glass of Milk? I'm not sure but it can't be more than a few.

Now let's look at what has to happen for this GREAT feeling to take place. First, you had to drive to the store and buy the Milk (this really isn't first as it has to be produced and you need to acquire the money), load it in the car, bring it home, stock it in the fridge.


Then wait... wait... wait...


...for it to get to the right (your favorite COLD) temperature. When the time is right you have to collect a glass, get the top off the milk (may require a fork or some other tool), then rip off that cardboard topper thing that never comes off in one piece.

 FINALLY, after all this you poor the milk in the glass, reach down, grab the glass and slam in back.

Look at everything that had to happen for those few sections of satisfaction!

At the same time, if you're always expecting things to get better there are NO great times or rewards and the dues are very high you may have made a poor selection and would be better moving onto something you will have better success at.

This is very hard for most people to wrap their heads around because they may have a lot of money, time, effort and work into it and don't feel they can just walk away and start over. While this may be true let me slap another reality at you.

You might not have to walk away - if you let it go long enough it very well could be taken away. Then what will you do?

We all make mistakes and life isn't always easy but we do have the ability and control to do one thing; decide.


4. Procrastination - One thing that was taught to me many years ago was - it's not what you know but what you DO with what you know.

There are many people out there who are full of answers but no action.

There is a need for these people in the world and I'm not one to put a price on the value of education and these people are educators BUT keep in mind this only becomes true when they make the decision (action) to teach. Without this action their education is of limited value in the marketplace or to anyone else for that matter.

 Their lack of action is what is holding them back.


5. Education - As a follow up to this the lack of education is also a very large cause of failure. A degree or certification is only a start - the bare minimum required o be successful. To succeed in any trade you need to consistently be educating yourself to be better.

A simple check of this is to ask yourself;

Do you know more about your trade today as compared to what you knew last year?

If you are a lifter, do you know more about training and nutrition than you knew a year ago?

If you work in construction are your skills better than they were a year ago?

If not, why?

Do you purposely want to suck and be left behind? or do you already know it all?

 If all you do is just stay the same for several  years you will not only lose value in the marketplace but also with yourself.


Don't become complacent regardless if you are the business, own the business or work in a business. There are always people gunning for your spot. If you "are" the business there are coaches and trainers learning new, faster and better ways of getting the job done. New skills sets, old skill sets being completed in a faster way.  If you keep doing things the same old way you will become a part of the past.

If you own the business other are looking for ways to redesign your products, services and watching for your weakness to expose. If you are not personally drilling for your own weaknesses and finding ways to fix them someone else will and in the process take your market share.

If you work for someone else and are hired at a set skill level and after a few years pass you are still at that sames skill level - but are now paid more you need to realize you can now be replaced by someone else with a higher skill level at a lower price.

Strive everyday to BECOME better!


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