5 Tips For All Lifters

These tips apply to all training methods. ⁣

1. Be consistent: We all know this, but too many fail to execute on it. ⁣

2. Work Hard: This takes on a couple different forms. For many, they simply need to push themselves harder to get out of their comfort zone. For others, they’ve become too comfortable taking every set to the limit that they need to dial it back so they are, again, out of their comfort zone.⁣

3. Focus: Whatever the objective, stay focused on it 24/7. You can’t just focus on it in the gym and reap maximum results. Nutrition, rest, and stress management are critical. ⁣

4. Learn: Beginners are crazy about learning. Intermediates begin to figure some things out and start to cut back on learning. Advanced lifters and coaches are about the worst at learning, thinking outside the box, and critical thinking. Always be the beginner.⁣

5. Positive: Have you even seen a successful person who is down on themselves all the time? You need to think critically but must never doubt what you can do or the attributes you have. ⁣

Stop with the, I “suck” attitude, and change it to, I’m getting there... and put in the right actions to validate it

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