A post... right out of thin air!


Well, shit! I told myself I need to post more often, but I couldn’t think of anything to say, so I found this picture of a rhinoceros because it’s not a tiger. That’s all, well...⁣

I know things are bad for many people and really bad for others. I really don’t know what to say or how to say it. ⁣

I want to say hold your head up, but I’ve been there and know that’s really fucking hard to do. ⁣

Find a way to fight while you’re down. The view sucks from down there but when you do get up... and you will...it will change you. It can make you stronger. I know it sounds like bullshit because I’ve been told this same shit and just wanted to say, “Shut the fuck up!” Actually, I may have said that. ⁣

But they were right. I have no problem admitting that because I’m the one saying it now.⁣

If things are good for you even if they are great spread the positivity and help those who are down. ⁣

And... give people who say things you feel are stupid a break. Everyone deals in their own way and I honestly feel the majority of people, the vast majority, care about others and don’t wish harm on anyone. ⁣

Also... the odds are very high that someone looks up to you. No doubt, we all fuck up but try to be conscious of the fact you are a leader to somebody. ⁣

Damn, look at that! A post... right out of thin air!To think it started with a rhinoceros ⁣

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