April Harper: RUM8 Minimalist Method Deadlift Training


Deadlifts were hard! For the last meet I was training at about 160-163...I put on a lot of weight because I like to eat too much and because I thought, why not...let's see what it does to my numbers, and I had to miserably cut 12 lbs the week of my meet. I decided not to do that again. It didn't hurt my meet actually, it was just hell.

So, I've been slowly cutting this time and have been training at around 155 the past couple of weeks or so. I can tell a small difference in leverages and strength on my bench, or maybe my bench is just stuck at where it was. Or it could be that I jumped around a little in my programming because I'm an a**hole. Who knows. However, deadlifts and squats are going well, and I've stuck to my programming...sooooooo....

With the help of my doughnuts&deadlifts teammate I have finally started coaching iifym!! My clients so far are doing really well and it has really made me so happy that I'm able to help. I've wanted to help people lose weight for a while, I just wasn't sure how to go about it and I didn't like the idea of a "diet". I don't consider iifym a diet. I consider it a way to manage portions and get what your body needs , helping you to be and stay successful longterm. I've been using it to cut my weight and it's really working well. Anyway , on to deadlifts.

Treadmill 5 min walk.
PVC rolling on my back
Squat stretch

385x2ish the last one was questionable as it was hard.

I didn't do accessories. I cut out accessories last meet about three weeks out and saw no issues with doing so. This really helps me start somewhat of a recovery before the meet, for the small muscles that are beat up. Tonight was HARD mentally especially. But , as always, it was fun.

Something I've learned that's helped me with my deadlift: keeping my back tight has really helped me a lot. I still struggle keeping the bar close to me. But I can usually do better with that as well if my back is tight. I still have a lot of work to do but, it's come a long way with consistent practice and tweaking.

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