Chest and Shoulders

Trained Chest and Shoulders with Randy Howard at Strength Beyond in Kalamazoo

Incline Barbell:
3x10 135lbs
1x10 225lbs
1x10 315lbs

Flat Barbell:
1x10 225lb
1x10 315lb

Flat Barbell with Bands:
1x8 225lb plus 12" red bands
2x8 225lb plus 12" red bands and double micro minis

Steep incline dumbell presses:
3x10 100s

Lateral raises:


Decent quick workout today.  I was rushed because we train at 6 (typically) and my daughter had a softball game at 5:15 (between three daughters and all the sports they play, we typically have at least one game to watch each night--which is really killing my gainz), so I watched as many innings as I could before heading to the gym.

I'm actually coming off an (unscheduled) week off.  I need it as I haven't taken any time off in almost a year and I've really been struggling to stay motivated the past month or so.   I hadn't planned on taking any time off, but after the holiday weekend chaos and all the sporting events my kids had the following week, I was only able to get in for one training session.   My youngest daughter had a 6:45 game on Friday and I had planned to train after that, but as 9pm rolled around I finally decided to take that day off and give the weekend to rest as well.
It seems to have been a good decision because I feel rested and ready to get back to work.

Sorry for the lapse in logs...but with the week off, I didn't have any training to report.

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