Don't Give Into Idle Time

No doubt, we are all living with degrees of uncertainty and even when this passes (and it will), uncertainty will always be back at our doors, whether in business, health, legal, relationship, etc.⁣

It’s never easy for anyone, regardless of what they may tell you. It’s what we do during these times that will have a bigger impact than the event itself. Restated: It’s not the problem that wrecks us, but our reaction that does.⁣

Yes, I get and know with all uncertain issues that the issue can and does completely destroy what’s in its path. That’s a given variable and impact that everyone knows to a degree. I “get” it. We all need to know when to throw in the towel, but that’s not the biggest problem; it’s ignorant to completely ignore it.⁣

The BIGGEST issue is letting the problem dictate your life, happiness and creativity.

Think of a past problem you had, a big one, one that took several months to unfold and get through.⁣

Now, look back on how you thought during that time. Out of all that time, and all of the thoughts, you will find that you wasted a hell of a lot of time thinking and stressing about things that never came true.⁣

What if that time was spent on other things? Things that helped your health, helped your family, helped your business. What if only half that time was spent on it? Hell, what if only a quarter of that time was spent on it? How much better off would you have been?⁣

Why not learn from that experience and use what you learned?⁣

Do not give into idle time and stressful thoughts, as it will always lead you down the wrong path.


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