Don't Open Gyms! Just Go For A Walk...

“Enough with the gyms already, go for a walk and do pushups.”⁣

I'm tired of these comments.⁣

This is very shortsighted and very insulting to those who've spent thousands of hours, countless money and years in pursuit of learning health and fitness.⁣

I wish people would realize that gyms don't pop up from a granted wish from a Genie. Many ”gym” owners spent 4-6 years in college, another 5-10 years working as trainers, coaches and/or managers while attending dozens of postgraduate seminars, certifications and mentorship programs. They had a dream to open a ”gym” and sacrificed and saved to do it. They had to bootstrap and buy small pieces of equipment here and there for YEARS before they could ever think of pulling the trigger to open. ⁣

No new cars, no houses, no vacations, no spending money, no nothing, for years, all so they could realize their dream.⁣

They learned that it's not easy, not profitable. They also learned the other reality of all small business owners. Taxes on everything and very likely the highest percentage of anyone. They learn all the breaks go to those businesses with over 300 employees and zero to them.⁣

Fact is, nobody cares about small businesses, because if they fail, ten others will take their place. ⁣

This is accepted and understood, it's part of the risk of venturing out on their own in pursuit of happiness. They take this leap knowing they might not have the knowledge, work ethic, skill set, or luck to pull it off, but are OK with that because they will do whatever they need to make it work. They know if they put all they have into their dream and it doesn't work out, it comes with the territory. ⁣

Being forced, due to state orders, to close for eight weeks due to no fault of their own, all they want is a fighting chance to save what's taken them decades to build. The same chance everyone else has already gotten! ⁣

It's frustrating to read these owners being attacked, knowing many of them are stocking shelves at grocery stores to earn money to keep paying the bills on the gym they can't open. ⁣

Most didn't get PPP, unemployment or any help other than false speculation on when they could reopen, if ever.⁣

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