Going ALL In With Your Gym Business

This is one that I really started to see a few years ago, that is, knowing what business you’re really in. Not in the way this is normally described; that being something along the lines of being in the business of making members stronger, or something like that. Knowing this IS important. It’s extremely important to know this at that deeper level, but many today are missing the basic level of just being the gym-training center owner.⁣

For the gym to survive and grow, it needs multiple revenue streams such as competitions, supplements, online services, day care, boot camps and other classes, one-to-one, and other services. In this way, when one drops, others can carry the weight. ⁣

This is necessary for the business to grow.⁣

In the past, it was common to see many gym and training center owners with another job and using that income to supplement the business. Personal training income was being used to pay the heat or expand the marketing budget. Online services today have been used the same as has personal training in the past - to help grow the gym.⁣

Many of the gym owners who I speak with now, are struggling to grow their memberships, and are using these other revenue streams for personal use. It’s no wonder they can’t grow the training center.⁣

This is fine if they want to be in the online coaching business and then use the gym to build that. ⁣

You see, you have to pick one or suck at them all. Still do them, but use the revenue to build the one you decide to go all in on. By not doing so, you will be doing a disservice to all your customers as well as to yourself. ⁣

Be an owner and own the decision you made on day one. Go all in. ⁣ This is very easy to say and think you believe in - until you actually have to do it. That’s when you find out why so few do.

Burn the boats!

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