Gym closures extended one month!


Gym closures extended one month!

Most small business gyms have around 100 members at most and usually only a handful in at a time. Meatheads are socially distanced creatures that thrive in environments like this and never enter a gym without ammonia, water and snacks.⁣

When in the gym, they rarely leave the ten-foot radius of their power rack.⁣

They are made up of a younger demographic that pay attention to their sleep, water and macros. Hell, they even take their vitamins, blood pressure, and cholesterol. Not doing so could cost them their gains. High cortisol.⁣

For the past eight weeks, they have been put on the sidelines while their out-of-shape, obese counterparts with high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, and inflammation issues head to Walmart every third day to pick up smokes, beer, ring dings and gravy, all while saying hello to the twenty employees and thirty-five other people standing on black X’s across the store. No cross contamination there! ⁣

Yeah, we know, people gotta eat but how come the Mom and Pop sporting goods store that sees a handful of customers a day can’t open to sell their shoes and local sporting apparel? You know, they have the same stuff you still see at Walmart.⁣

I wonder if the big W will support the local little league teams and help out the high school athletes that can’t afford their sporting goods. Ah, right, I forgot. They are a national chain not a local one, so it’s not in their policy... but that local tax abatement was okay.⁣

We get it. Companies that provide products for essential workers are... ok but those businesses that provide services to essential workers don’t count.⁣

Please keep telling us about the conversations you are having about hair dressers, barber shops and restaurants. That’s okay. Small gyms have never been in your narrative...⁣

Except when you told them to close. ⁣

BTW - The have their own cares act. Not the one they didn’t qualify for. The one that’s about how they feel about their members.⁣

What other business has members who tell them... “keep billing me” no matter when you open. If THAT doesn’t tell you they can make this work... what will?!⁣ people > politics


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