Heads up!

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Look I’m not posting this as any type of political statement. I see too much of that shit as is and will not contribute to it nor am I qualified, or in a position to.

I know my lane and am staying in it.

I’m posting this for the same reason I posted the suicide post last week. To make every hyper aware.

I’m not going to post how many and who I’ve lost to overdoses but it’s too many, and yes, one is too many but it’s been way more than that.

I will stop there as my losses aren’t relevant here. What’s relevant is I’m damn sure you all know people who battle this.

Do NOT assume they are ok. As you know they will lie!

Check in on your people and to all you fucks struggling with this...

YOU know what to do. Do it!

That’s all. Back to thinking about what you’re going to do when you get back in the gym. See my last post for this.

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