How to create a great strength training post.

Please excuse typo's, spelling errors and other mistakes. My grammar was bad to begin with and now that I can post these from my phone...well... it's not going to improve.

Step 1. Tag #Beastmode or some other #hardcore #insane or #intense stamp to it.

Step 2. Don't look like you train. You can always get around being small by wearing 5 hoodies and weak by never posting pics or videos of you training.  You can also just be small and make one of your tips that it is worthless to be anything but #strong and that "nonfunctional" muscles are worthless.

Step 3. ALWAYS make sure to note you are a "real" coach and not an internet Guru.

Step 4. Make fun of isolation movements

Step 5. Push big compound movements

Step 6. Make a word up or use something that nobody has ever heard before. Instead of saying to make sure you are tight when you squat - say you need to be antipliable

Step 7. Write about all the people you have learned from (that you have never actually met) and the value of the 10,000 seminars you went to... but you learned the most in the hallways and dinner tables.

Step 8. Toss in something that this totally random and out of the blue. Such as "Behind the back wrist curls are awesome for grip and shoulder flexibility. If you do anything out of this list do this one and you will notice a huge difference in your training". Just make sure what you note hasn't been noted by anyone else over the past year or so.

That's enough for now. If you put some time into each one of these and really expand on them you should be able to slap together the Top 5 Tips For Total Strength Domination

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