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Twenty Tips

1. Don’t let the first several months fool you. It will take longer than you think. ⁣

2. There’s no perfect program or way. ⁣

3. Consistency matters.⁣

4. Technique matters.⁣

5. Aspire to becoming better and stronger, not to be like anyone else.⁣

6. Training with others may not be necessary, but it helps... a lot.⁣

7. What federation you lift in is not as important as some people will make you think.⁣

8. There’s no “best” shoe, wrap, belt, etc. Purchase based upon who you want to support. Your $ matters, as it’s how we stay in business.⁣

9. It’s very unlikely you will train too hard. You will KNOW if you do.⁣

10. Seek what others did to get where they are, not what they do now.⁣

11. Learn and never stop. ⁣

12. Helping others and passing on is a great way to keep learning.⁣

13. You are not entitled to anything. You get what you earn.⁣

14. It’s called risk/benefit for a reason. Both are possible.⁣

15. Don’t let it become your entire life. Nothing should ever have that much power over you.⁣

16. Lift for kilos and pounds, not fans, likes, and comments. PRs make memories that require no validation.⁣

17. When seeking advice, look first to be understood not impressed.⁣

18. It won’t always be fun, but it should be most of the time.⁣

19. Negativity is a self-fulfilling prophecy that has no place in your training. Be realistic and have faith in what you're doing.⁣

20. Become an expert in training YOU! Nobody will care more or have as much experience.⁣



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