Should You Dump Training Partners That Suck?

Here are three type of people you need around you.

First are those at the same level you are. These people are living in the same place you are. They are dealing with the same struggles and obstacles. They will provide a sounding board to exchange ideas with, to discuss new findings and to check in to see what is and isn't working. While the next group is very important they are often times to far removed from the obstacles you face and will face.

Second, are those who have more training years and experience than you do. You will be able to learn more from these people than any other source you will ever find. I have known people to drive a few hours to train with a group of lifters better than they were. For over 10 years I knew of one lifter who drove 90 minutes each way to come train at Westside 3 days per week. Regardless if you are driving, going to a seminar, or are in the same gym with them, seek these people out.

Finally you need to find those to pass on what you have learned. By helping others your energy and passion for training will stay high. Teaching is also one of the greatest forms of learning and mastering what you know. Seek out and teach those who truly want to learn not those who really don't care.

For you to become the best you can be you need to surround yourself with awesome people. Look around and if the people around you now do not fall into the three categories listed than it might be time to make some changes.

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