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Online coaches, trainers, or however they wish to be addressed - getting bent out of shape with other online trainers (who are new to the profession) offering their services through social media.⁣

They are bent out of shape about this because these coaches do not have the experience to be offering said service.⁣

A service that has no license or certification. A service that requires no degree or advanced education.⁣

In many cases, these very same people are straight up providing rehabilitation, medical, and nutritional advice in terms, statements and ways that can only be provided by a doctor, physical therapist, RD or other licensed practitioner (who has completed the required hours, advanced degrees, boards, certifications + more). ⁣

It’s always been interesting how, on one side, they can’t stand people who do not have enough experience providing advice in their main discipline, meanwhile they are doing the exact same thing except the advice they are providing can very well be seen in the legal system as Negligent.⁣

…but, hey! Doctors, Therapists and Dietitians are all stupid… Right? I mean, who else is going to FIX your dumb shoulder, lower back, and messed up hips? Who is going to tell you how to use hormones correctly or eat to control Insulin sensitivity? Obesity is a disease as well, so officially, this is a medical condition, right? ⁣

The line between education and prescription is not as “fine” as people make it out to be. They just cherry pick it to fit their narrative.⁣

In short, don’t complain about things you are also doing... and doing to a much worse and illegal extent. Just because you fly under the radar doesn’t mean it's right. ⁣

Another take away. If you are going to continue doing this dial back how you present things, learn the scope of your practice, create an advisory board of people who are qualified to help you (and use them), and most importantly stop prescribing things! ⁣


Another concern would be why you are being asked these things instead of the things you’re supposed to be the expert in. That’s actually a much bigger question.


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