Stupid, Ignorant or Lazy


In the gym, it doesn’t take long to figure out that you need to establish indicators to track your progress. For every individual and training program these can be different.⁣

For example, a lifter may have records that relate to the program they are using; that could be measuring my RPE, reps per weight or max weight for main movements. With other programs, it could be the max effort lifts, training maxes, AMRAP’s or force production.⁣

The point is, to advance, one needs to know their numbers and while early on in the process, the more numbers the better, because the ones that have the greatest correspondence are still not known and will vary from person to person.⁣

Business is the same, but too many have no idea what to track, how to track it, or the importance of it. ⁣

Where to begin?

Start with the values you want the business to grow on. This is the base and backbone of everything the business is and will become.⁣

Once these are established, where do you see the business in three years? In no more than 1000 words, write this out with as many details as you can.⁣

Highlight as many indicators as you can identify. Those are your key Performance Indicators. Track these every month. Even if you don’t think you can track them, you can. Everything can be tracked on a scale of 1-5.⁣

This is simple to do and the only reason for not doing so is being stupid, ignorant or lazy.  I highly doubt anyone reading this is stupid. This is a very simple process, so ignorance isn’t an excuse... so…. ⁣


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