The Art of Figuring Things Out

There’s always something crazy going on in this industry. At any moment, there’s a maniac in a weight room taking a dangerous lift and a shady businessman in an office finding a way to turn dirty profits. The posts you find here in my log are the musings of a mashed-up meathead — the reactions I have as I spend my whole life watching this industry. I will share my thoughts with you here, unedited, uncensored, unfiltered, and Under The Bar. If you are offended by profanity - do not read this. 

The art of figuring shit out for yourself.

Over the past ten, fifteen years with the ... Amount of information, being, dumped onto the internet as afar as training goes, lifters have a tremendous amount of options in regards to programming, education, information and it goes far beyond, years ago when it was just a few select magazines and books and textbooks and so forth. It's overwhelming, the amount of information that's out there and I think that's a good thing, I think it gives people different options to look at, it gives them different jump off points, starting points, places to look, if they get stuck, to see what other people are doing, programs to start from.


I got started years ago when there was the workout of the month in Powerlifting USA. So a lot of people just would follow whatever that was verbatim and from there you know kind of modify and tweak based upon what was working and what wasn't working.

Industry concerns

Where I'm seeing concerns from an industry stand point, is there are definitely a lot of really good programs out there, a lot of great offers out there, a lot of great content out there. One would be lead to believe that most of the content out there is just complete crap, and there is a lot of crap there's no doubt about that. Percentage-wise there's probably the same amount of crap out there that there was thirty years ago it's just coming in a different format. It's always going to be up to the reader to be able to distinguish between what's good and what's bad. That hasn't changed that's been that way, hell, it's been that way since..., it's been that way since the dawn of time, that's not what really concerns me from an industry stand point.


What concerns me from an industry stand point is, there seems to be a lot, the people are being, hand fed, you know programming left and right from online programming, personal training, strength coaching, all these different professions that popped up over the past twenty, twenty five years, and for normal people and people who are just interested in fitness and exercise that's a good thing.


People who would want to advance and take it to the highest level, and who compete at the highest level, or go to the highest level of sport or whatever they're in, basically take it to a level higher then just what you're average intermediate person's going to be, there comes a certain point in time when you need to start, you need to start to figure shit out for yourself, and these base programs are great, but they're not giving the person the opportunity to make the BASIC mistakes and to figure shit out for themselves. You know if, if they follow a set program and it doesn't work for them they don't have the intellect or they haven't been taught the ability to look through that program to see why it failed for them.


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More then likely the program didn't fail, there was a piece of the program that failed, not the entire program. People need to take the time and get back to the basics of critical thinking and trying to figure shit out for themselves, because the people who are doing the programs today are going to be those who are going to be creating the programs and ideas of tomorrow, and if they're not learning the critical thinking skills and the figuring shit out for themselves skills, they're not going to be able to produce quality product and quality programs and quality education to be able to help those who are going to come after them.


As a side note, there is nothing new when it comes to programming. People can bitch and complain all they want about so and so took this, so and so took this, plagiarism aside, there's nothing new. Everything that you see has been around for years. So nobody's stealing anybody else's shit, it's all re-engineered. Everything. It's just re-engineered, repackaged and renamed under a different type of philosophy or training program or whatever it is, and that gets back to my original point of those who want to advance in the industry, need to look and see what those basic methodologies are, and in practice, try to re-engineer some of the programs that are out there for themselves to see how it fits their own needs. What do they have to change to make it work for them. Instead of just blindly following, advice from somebody else without asking questions.


If you have hired somebody to help you for certain times and what not then yeah, you should follow the advice that they're telling you, that's what you're paying them for, but if there's something that you don't understand or something that you need to know more about, or something that you question, ASK. It's part of the whole process is for you to be able to learn and to educate yourself if you're going to be an upcoming leader of tomorrow. That's where I see one of the biggest downfalls  when it comes to training, programming, or the programming of training.  I'm starting to see a lack of critical thinking at the lower levels that needs to change, to be able to grow the industry, to make it become better and to produce better, stronger, healthier athletes of the future.


Another part of this is when those seen as leaders today stop learning. They start to become known, maybe create a program, e-book, method or what not, and then just stop learning and looking for ways to help themselves or others get better. I will save this one for another day.

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