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THIS WEEK’S Monster Garage Gym/Maroscher Coaching Log: THE SCRAPS

Look at any average powerlifters 'socialookatmedia' page and you will see a good portion of the same things over and again. Cellphone footage of their max effort squat, or max effort bench or max effort deadlift. Deadlift of course with the obligatory #IOnlyTrainHalfMyDeadlift, slamming the weight to the ground included for extra-emphasis, just in case you missed the fact that the lifter is in fact, really super-duper amazing and impressively wicked hard-core. Read> Senator, You're No Jack Kennedy — Don't Drop the Deadlift

As this log is primarily geared toward the intermediate or newer to the sport powerlifter, here is a secret….just like there mortar can help hold together a massive brick structure, and just like good beef chili (Mmmmm, beef chili) has important little things in it like beans, tomato sauce, garlic, and other tiny ingredients, that make bowl of ground meat, become a great bowl of chili, a complete training cycle has to it other ingredients that serve to bring the most out of the big three (S, BP, DL). Because these smaller ingredients aren’t "instaworthy," and because there is such an over-emphasis on “programming” of the big three, it is easy for a skewed picture of training to emerge and this can be especially misleading for those still finding their way in the sport. I call these smaller ingredients, the scraps, and adding scraps to your primary training is a vital part of your overall power development.

What I can share with you from my decades in the game and having trained along with some of the strongest athletes on this good Earth, is that lots of little things, little and seemly innocuous movements go into helping create big numbers at the meet. For every single 1,050LB squat or single 800LB bench press I have seen my friend Steve Brock perform at the Monster Garage Gym, I have seen him perform literally hundreds and hundreds of reps with some seemly minor movement when he comes in to the gym on his “day off.”MGGbenchSteveBoards

This can be even a bit misleading for the lifter with some road under his or her lifting belt. It is like a television ad that you have seen a thousand time. Sing it with me….. 588-2300 Empire…. Just like you know the song through over-exposure, if you see enough 'socialookatmedia' posts from other lifters, you would think that powerlifting is nothing but 110% all out go-time. In fairness, to some, that is the case but those folks come and go, never having even written a single word in the book that is the history of powerlifting.Powerlifting History via MONSTER GARAGE GYM800

But those who know the sport, understand that the glue to the big lifts are the little things that are trained as well as the big three. I am not even just talking about other forms of the bench to help the bench, or the belt-squat to help the squat, but the little pebbles that get into your squat shoe type movements. The ab-wheel, face-pulls, the Rolling Thunder, dumbbell rows, etc.

In the accompanying video, we start with one of the big three, in this case, Big Steve squatting and then take a quick tour of those little training pebble movements/exercises, the scraps. We invite you to try adding some of these lifts (there are hundreds of small movements) to help develop a more complete and developed strength that will go a long way toward complementing your big three training.

Wishing you the best in your training and competitions. Ever Onward, Eric Maroscher, Owner: MONSTER GARAGE GYM

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