To: Gym Owners

This is to all the gym owners out there that have DESTROYED the false stereotype that’s defined them, since forever. ⁣

I have many examples I will post, but this is the biggest...⁣

You’ve shown empathy to your members while enduring (and still do so) the hardest financial blow the industry has ever seen. While you are losing everything, you’re still putting them first. ⁣

Pause and think about this for a minute. ⁣

While not knowing how you will pay your own bills, calls are being made to check on your members' training, mental heath, nutrition, and extra concerns, and time for those with PTSD, diabetes, heart issues and more. ⁣

Putting the needs of others before your own. Everyone likes to talk about this, but it’s rarely displayed in the real world, and even less so when one's back is against the wall. ⁣

Words can’t describe this and there are few, if any, other businesses that can say the same. ⁣

To you all. Not great job, but amazing job! ⁣

This entire industry drives me insane most of the time, but it’s things like this that reminds e of just how special the bonds made in the weightroom are. ⁣

Thank you!⁣

Live, learn, pass on...⁣

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