Weird ideas

With the finish of the three months of prowler and constant demands of the building construction and day to day ops of the empire(ha ha) , my desire for training has waned some so the idea of five minute sets sounded interesting. For one I have never done them and second to see if all this breathing work has helped or not and obviously to see if I can just do it and not let the mental why are you doing this, it is not useful and just stupid notions get in the way or see if they could be subdued.   The upper day went pretty well. It was quiet  and early.  Most of the time I closed my eyes and worked hard on the diaphragm breathing the entire time.  In the past, it was a inhale, hammer the set and then breathe or try to inhale on the eccentric and exhale on the concentric. Although this builds pressure you can use to expand against and the exhale gives you the added contraction and irridation elements, I found it interferes with extended work sets. Meaning I felt I could do more work with the deep breathing and last longer. My recovery was excellent with a moderate weights. I have tried in the past to do 1 min, 2 min and 3 min sets nonstop but the cramping and mind games usually made it end quickly with panic time as well.  I was very pleased with the upper day. The lower went well except for the reverse hypers. The extension on the back/glute/ham part was fine. My biceps and forearms filled for mutiny throughout requiring me to do 2 minute set and then a 3minutes.  The switching of hand positions between far hand and short hand grip was lessened on the second set  but I could not eliminate this from this exercise.  All else went well.

Soreness levels have been minimal from all of this work which surprised me. I assumed more pec and bicep tenderness but really not bad. Not even much on the grouchy hips from the pitshark and front squat harnes.  I think the mental stamina improved as well. I am not sure what the rate of return on my investment will be.

My other weird idea was at the movie theater. We went to see Blade Runner(is it really long but really good and well done) There is a 99% chance I will have to go to the bathroom at least once during every movie. I felt like I could make it but constantly thinking about it made me decide to go so I could make it through this 2.5 hour flick.  The screen was at the end of the long hallway so it is about 40 yards total to the bathroom. I ran the whole time focusing on my breathing and it was almost effortless. I ran back and in the past I was breathing hard when i got back. This time I was not, it was like I walked the entire time. I know this isn't great shit but you take wins anywhere you can.  Things like these always lead to trying more things and just plain thinking in general about training.   Well, you guessed it I am sure, I decided to run a mile the next day.  In the past, I have had times where I felt like my legs moved on their own but my breathing was not in sync.  and I had to work on it to maintain.   I did not have the gliding I was looking for but my breathing was great through the first two laps. Then I began to short breathe and huff it out(still diaphragm breathing ) but regulating was alittle tougher but I got it back under control.  I am not sure what the pulsing(from David Weck stuff) means yet but that is sorta of what I was after. There were times when I was clinching the arms too tight and legs so mentally telling them to let go and flow was a constant thought I tried to preserve.  I walked off the last half of the final lap. My breathing returning very quickly.  At moments I feel I am pulsing alittle but maybe it is just a more effortless flow I am getting. I will continue to work on my weird ideas. At some point and time they will be useful for something.




Few activations

Ran a mile in under 9 miles.



Reverse Hypers 4 x10 pre, 2x15 post

Bunch of single beltless deads, round 15 I think. That was pretty much the only training.  Just trying some different things out and trying to keep the bicep happy

Raining so no prowler



Prowler 1 lap 45 per arm

3 laps upper sled with 2 plates. One all press, One all back and rear delts, One lap tricep and static chest.  Interesting one was holding the hands up in a Kb clean position except alittle away from the body and not locked up in anyway. Ton of pec and lat work.


Activations with 12mins BT static gut roll

One lap prowler 45lb per arm



Continued with the 5 min set theme.  The reverse hyper was the only one I could not do the full minutes on. Was constantly having to move my hand position as my biceps.

Reverse Hypers 2 mins, 3 min set

Single leg hamstring 2 1/2 mins per leg

Front squat harness on pit shark for 5 mins


Activations with plank work and bird dogs(5 min rounds of them)

Prowler 1 lap 45lb per arm


Activations with BT gut static for 10 mins. Plank work

5min sets of;

Chest press

MAG grip pulldown

Tricep pushdown with FAT handle straight bar

Fat bell 5 mins curl


1 lap prowler with 45lb per arm

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