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Comfort Grip™ Pull-Up Set


Comfort Grip™ Pull-Up Set  

Take your pull-ups to a new level. 

  • One handle has two eyelets
  • Ball on top gives you more grip options
  • Enhanced core engagement
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Comfort Grip™ Pull-Up Set 

The Comfort Grip™ Pull-Up Set gives you complete control setting up your pull-up move. You may set the grips wide, narrow, or anywhere in between. You may secure your Tsunami Bar in an appropriate location then set up your CG Pull-Up Set on the Tsunami Bar to introduce flex in your pull-up routine. The CG Pull-Up Set also works great when hung at a lower position to horizontal rows with your feet/heels on the floor or elevated up on a bench. Take pull-ups to a whole new level. 


  • 1” nylon web strap material 


  • (2) 4" Multi-Grip Handles
  • EZ Utility Straps
  • (2) Large Snap Hooks

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