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Active Cords Set

  • Tired of training in two different places?
  • Hate being stuck in a gym working out when it’s a beautiful day outside?
  • Hate to run your miles when it’s freezing or raining or snowing outside?
  • Frustrated with losing momentum with your strength training when you’re traveling?

The Active Cords set will enable you to do all of the above because you can duplicate the movements in a very specific manner. It is a unique product with which you can do many exercises not possible with conventional equipment such as the barbell, dumbbell or exercise machine. In one package you can improve in any sport. It is easy to use, can easily be carried with you for training or when traveling and can be used in the gym, at home or on the field.

Following are just a few of the exercises that you can do specific to sports skills:

  • The knee drive for faster running speed, acceleration, a quicker first step and greater kicking force.
  • Weight shift and hip rotation in sequence as occurs in most skills requiring greater hitting force or throwing power.
  • Specialized strength exercises with different rates of speed especially speed exercises and explosive repeats in a plyometric fashion.

Belt Hip Measurement:
35 - 39" Medium
40 - 45" Large
46 - 50" X Large

With Active Cords you can do specialized strength and explosive exercises. It consists of the following items:

  1. Three different tension elastic cords. Each cord has a metal door clip at the ends for easy attachment and detachment. They can be used individually or together for greater resistance.
  2. One nonslip hip belt. The belt has four metal D-rings spaced equally around the belt to which the cords can be attached for different exercises quickly and easily.
  3. One ankle strap with a metal D-ring to which the cords can be attached.
  4. One dual attachment strap for a door, beam or post
  5. Two handles for arm and shoulder movements

By using the Active Cords you will be able to improve your running speed, quickness, hitting power and distance, throwing power and accuracy, kick more forcefully and accurately, swim faster and jump higher. With the Active Cords you can do specific dynamic correspondence exercises that duplicate individual joint and limb actions involved in execution of these skills. Most important here are the rotational and diagonal movement exercises that cannot be done with other equipment.

More specifically you will be able to:

  • Add 3-5 mph to your golf or baseball swing
  • Add 2-4 mph to your pitching speed
  • Improve 40 yard running speed by .2 to .4 of a second
  • Learn and enhance your skill technique
  • Maintain the same or greater speed for long distances
  • Warm-up with specific movements to enhance your gameplay
  • Prevent injury by strengthening the muscles as they are used in execution of the skill.

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