Elitefts™ Swiss Angle Grip™ Bar JM Press

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Elitefts™ Purchasing Director Scott Hayes demonstrates the JM Press using the elitefts™ Swiss Angle Grip™ Press Bar while Director of Education Mark Watts explains the execution of the lift.  This bar allows better execution of the JM Press due to:

  1. the angle of the handles to preform the lift with the upper arms closer to a 45 degree angle without stress on the wrists
  2. the width of the bar, the lower portion will contact the forearms reinforcing proper range of motion.

JM Press Technique for Athletes:

  1. Grip bar at shoulder width with the elbow slightly wider than the hands (30-45 degrees)
  2. Lower the bar
    1. without moving the upper arms
    2. with the wrists flexed (cocked)
  3. Once the bar is forearm is in contact with the upper arm, press the bar to the extended position

Coaching Points

  • The Upper Arm should not come forward or backward to keep maximal tension on the triceps
  • The wrists should stay flexed until lockout to alleviate unwanted strain on the elbow


elitefts swiss angles press bar

elitefts™ Swiss Angle Grip™ Press Bar

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