Hannah's Red Stained Grin of Victory

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Well, not much has been going on in the last few weeks other than this ridiculous diet we've been on. Matt pinched a nerve in his back while we were extending Eeyore's pasture fence, so we haven't been working out at all other than my cardio on our home treadmill. I hate working out without him, and with our schedules - it's been all I can do just to get cardio in right now.

On a brighter note, we have yet another addition to our zany family. She is a snowflake Appaloosa mini horse, and I named her AppaLucy the Appaloosa. (I know, it's somewhat redundant). So now I just call her Lucy. I don't think it matters to her, though, because she comes no matter what you call her. This new addition to Eeyore's life has really got him rattled, because he's turned into a big fat hay-bellied jealous baby. He cries and sings if you don't make a big deal over him. I can't even pet Lucy without Eeyore running over and backing up like he's going to give her a good smack. What's funny though is that she's older than he is, and she's obviously been in her share of squabbles over food and attention, because she backs right up to him and they have a kick-off. She always wins.

I also managed to spear my left hand on some sort of post-hole-digger contraption, which took a large butterfly steri-strip and some surgi-glue to close. This war wound resulted in my getting a current Tetanus shot, because who wants to get lockjaw? Not me.

I am very pleased to announce, however, that Matt and I have been dieting like warriors for the last three weeks. Well, except for my brief stint at the Dixie Classic Fair, where I binged on seven (7) candy apples. Oh, sweet sticky delicious red crackly nectar. I have lost six pounds, which is great since I'm going to eat til I blow the button off my pants at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I've been doing some serious thinking about the type of training I'd like to start doing. I need to do something drastically different than what I'm used to, which is heavy, heavy, heavy. The sad part is that I really love to lift heavy. It makes me so happy to feel strong and capable with big weight. The problem is that I need surgery on my left knee, I need surgery on my right hand, which has severe locking trigger finger, and if I keep lifting heavy I'll be forced to have surgery on my right wrist as well. I don't have the money nor the downtime to get all that done, and I'd hate for an injury from lifting too heavy to force my hand. (Oh, man, I couldn't resist that pun. Sorry, sorry...)

Anywhoo, I'm going to push my boundaries and see if I can't do something different and challenging. Not sure what it is yet, but I'm sure I'll find something. Please feel free to write in with suggestions.

Matt's going back to the doctor on Monday, so hopefully we'll be back in the gym next week. Til then I'll be brainstorming on my cold-weather activity plans.

Back to the candy apples for one second. The lady in the booth had a sign up that said "$1.50 apiece for red candy apples." The group in line ahead of us asked her if there was a deal if you bought more. My hand to heaven, the lady said "Yeah, it's three for $5." Immediately they all exclaimed what a great deal that was, and each of them bought three for $5. Now, I don't know about ya'll, but it hit me like a train just how much money this lady had been making if everybody got this "deal." I had to give it to her, it's pretty slick. Carnies vs. Fatties= Carnies Win Every Time. When I got to the window she asked if I wanted a deal. I said "Sure, I'll take two deals of three for $5 if you'll throw in another one for free." So, I left with seven candy apples for $10 and a big, red-stained grin of victory. Not too shabby...

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