The Minx: Summertime Fresh 'N Fruity Chicken Salad

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I’ve received several notes on cheap protein sources lately, so I thought I’d share some of my convenient recipe ideas using canned chicken.This high protein recipe makes a fantastic sandwich spread or dip for crackers/pita chips or is great eaten straight from the bowl.

Summer Chicken Salad1

You will need:

  • Canned chicken
  • Apples
  • Seedless grapes (I prefer red)
  • Candied pecans or toasted walnuts (optional)

Now, listen carefully. The steps I’m listing need to be done separately and in order. If not, you’ll end up with mushy brown apples and a mess of squishy grape jam in your salad. Follow the instructions…

Drain the canned chicken and dump it into a large mixing bowl. Don’t be afraid to use a big bowl. You’ll need plenty of room to gently fold in the ingredients. Using a fork, break up all your chicken chunks into fine shreds like this:

Summer Chicken Salad2

I favor Hellmann’s mayo for this recipe because the taste is clean and doesn’t overpower the delicate flavor of the fruit. I’ve also started using the olive oil blend, which has the same taste with slightly fewer calories. Add just enough mayo to moisten your chicken and stir it well. We’ll be adding more mayo when we fold in our fruit.

Now, keep in mind that our goal is to keep the stirring to a minimum once we start adding fruit, so go ahead and stir to your little heart’s content.

Summer Chicken Salad3

Let’s get sidetracked for just a second and let me tell y’all a kitchen secret. OK, so it isn't like a Martha Stewart secret, but it is a helpful tip...if you don’t have an apple corer, you’re missing out. Not only does this lil’ doohickey core the apple with zero waste, but it also sections it into perfectly diceable pieces for recipes (or for slathering with peanut butter for a snack). I got mine at Wal-Mart for around $6.00. Watch me put this workhorse through its paces.

Line it up…

Summer Chicken Salad4

…and slam it down!

Summer Chicken Salad5

Isn’t that ridiculously easy? Whoever thought that thing up must be a gabillionaire by now. Don’t waste time while dicing your apples. Get it done or they’ll turn brown and look ugly. If you’re overly cautious, you can soak them in cold water with lemon juice to prevent browning, but I’ve personally never had them turn brown in this recipe if I coat them quickly with the mayo.

Summer Chicken Salad6

Throw on a big glob of mayo and fold the apples into your mayo chicken with a spatula. Remember, we’re using a light hand with this to avoid bruising the fruit.

Slice your grapes into halves with a very thin, sharp knife. I try to wait until I’ve won a bet and get the loser to slice these for me. It’s a huge pain in the tail and it’s time consuming, but the reward is well worth the effort, so press on, friends.

Gently deposit your halved grapes on top of your apple/chicken/mayo mix and fold them in with a spatula. This is the final step, so it’s here that you'll add more mayo if your salad isn’t as creamy as you’d like. This is personal preference, of course.

Summer Chicken Salad8

Throw in your candied pecans and/or toasted walnuts and you’re done!

Serving tip: The nuts also make a beautiful garnish when you’re serving this as dip for guests!

Summer Chicken Salad9

I love this recipe for summer because it’s served cold and has such a nice, fresh flavor.

I’m always interested to hear feedback from you readers.

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