Minx Mobility Video and Off On A Tangent (As Usual)

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 Minx Mobility Video and Off On A Tangent (As Usual)

As promised, here's my mobility breakdown. Some days I do less, and some days I do more. Generally, I do NOT vary the order in which I do my stretching; I developed this sequence years ago while teaching Spin class in college. I miss those days. I was in the gym eight days a week, teaching at every club in town. Man, that was the life. Ah, to be young again!

By the way, if there are any 18-year-old girls reading this, I want to tell you something very important. You are beautiful. There's nothing wrong with you. You don't have to conform to the standards of others, or punish yourself because you don't look like those girls in the magazines. You are gorgeous, talented, and smart. Believe in yourself! Set goals that have nothing to do with what anyone else says, does, or thinks. Set goals that make you happy, and that fulfill you and your desires. Challenge yourself. LOVE YOURSELF. Trust me, I spent years trying to make myself into someone that others would think was good enough. Looking back now, I see a girl that was just fine the way she was, and basically wasted a lot of time miserably wishing she looked different. I'm at a point in my life where I can accept my strengths and my flaws, and although I think all of us are constantly in search of “better,” I'm at peace. I wrote this for someone special that I think needs to read it, and I sure hope she does. For all the rest of you, pass it on, and be the one who encourages someone else today.

On to the video!

Stretch Sequence:
I "demoed" only one side of my stretching sequence in an effort to keep this short. I generally try to hold each stretch for 10 or so seconds, and I go through the entire routine at least twice...and more if I need it. The stretch that tells me if I need more is the lying torso twist (one leg over the body, grab the foot). If I can't comfortably hold the stretch, I perform some mobility exercises, and then do the stretch routine again. If I'm not loose, there's no way I'm lifting. I do a ton of hip work, because my hips bother me from squatting heavy and pulling sumo. The stretch where I lay back and grab my feet is actually a yoga pose called "Happy Baby." No, really. (*20 seconds on the clock for off-color jokes here...)

Now, back to business. I alternate it with a low back roll that usually pops my back (some people will probably frown on this one, since it puts some stress on the back), but it feels great to me. If I can't flatten my back and still grab my feet on Happy Baby, I need more work.

Wall Scapular Slides: I just added in the shoulder scapular wall slides when I hurt my left shoulder. These really made a difference in my range of motion. I now do them before every workout.

Hip Lift: I usually do several variations of leg lifts/high kicks/hip raises. It depends on whether my hips are hurting or not. In this video, I just did front raises. I'm a bit Ricky Bobbyish in that I don't know what to do with my hands if I'm not holding on to something, hence my awful 80's dance I'm doing during that segment...

"Over The Gate:" I learned these when I went down to Mooresville to train athletes at the Nascar school. That was an awesome experience. If I'm having trouble with my range of motion, I'll set up a bench to actually raise my foot up and over. At times I'll come to a stop and rest my foot on the bench at the top of the motion, then force myself to pick my foot up with a quick motion and rotate to the other side of the bench. These are extremely good since the hip is a ball and socket with a wide range of motion.

Deep Squat W/ Scapular Abduction: These are usually the last thing before I start lifting. In this exercise, I try to reach as far as I can, while pulling my shoulder blades apart and really lengthening my lats. I also use this opportunity to gauge my mobility – how deep can I squat comfortably? Is anything pulling, tingling, or hurting? I try to force my knees out and make my lower back as long as possible by "dipping" at the bottom of the squat.

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