Real Lifter Reviews: EFS Heavy Knee Sleeves

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I don't know if it's something in the water or if I'm just really excited about Bike Week, but Matt and I have been killing our workouts for the past few weeks. I'm at a slightly lighter body weight, my hip and other joints are feeling better, and in spite of working two full-time jobs plus EMT school, my stress levels are pretty manageable. (I did buy wrinkle cream this weekend, but that'll just be our little secret.) Shhhhh...

I'd be lying if I told you that I wasn't petrified of squatting. Because I am. Literally, petrified. Remembering the days and up-all-nights of pain when I first tore my hip makes it extremely hard to put any weight on the squat bar, much less squat it. And squat it raw? And rebound deep?? Hah! (Raises one eyebrow and gives the "are you joshin' me?" face...)


Here I am preparing for the most difficult squat I've ever taken. And if I'm lyin', I'm flyin'. This is my first rep of my first set at 95 pounds, and the only thought that was going through my head was, "At least I can throw it off of me if my hip gives out and it staples me to the floor..."

Luckily, I wore my elitefts™ Driven Iron Will Girl Tri-blend Tee tonight, and it gave me the courage to pull myself up by my new knee sleeves and get back under the bar.



Warmup, Stretching, Mobility, Foam Rolling, Dynamic Stretching, Bodyweight Squats, (and Prayers)

  • Raw SQ: Barx10, 95x10, 95x10, 135x5, 135x5, 185x5, 225x5, 225x5
  • 25-pound Plate Hyperextensions x15 *Superset with Bodyweight Reverse Hypers x15
  • One Minute repathon Seated Wide-Grip Row at 120 pounds
  • One Minute repathon Bodyweight Decline Situps on Lat Pull Machine
  • One Minute repathon Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown at 100 pounds
  • "Pass The Ball" Lying Ab Leg Raises x 50 Reps x 2 Sets
  • Plyo Squat Jumps x 5 Jump/Drop x 2 Sets
  • Cool down, Stretching, Extra Foam Rolling

The Review

I've never worn knee sleeves because I don't like knee wraps. If I'd known before now that knee sleeves were this great, I'd have already been on 'em like a hobo on a ham sandwich.

First, and most importantly for the ladies (and guys who have shaven legs), if you want to wear the elitefts™ knee sleeves and not just look at them, don't shave your legs and get all lotioned up or get sweaty before you try to pull them on. I almost knocked out a tooth when my hand came loose from pulling up so hard.

Okay, so I've got them what?

Four of the guys in our gym have already ordered these, and Matt wears them as well. So there were six of us having a roundtable discussion at the squat rack. It was intense. Here's what we all agreed upon:

driv81. One good thing about the EFS Heavy Sleeves (NOT the Super Heavy) is that you can leave them on, keep circulation and heat in the joint, and they're comfy enough to wear for the duration of the workout. For an accurate review, I kept these on the whole time to judge the comfort level. I have achy knees in general, and I can already tell ya'll that I'll be wearing these every leg workout from now on. At the end of the workout, I literally didn't want to take them off.

2. On squats, the sleeves are tight enough to remind me to keep my knees out. This is usually only something I think about on heavy sets where I have to wrap, and it was nice to have this as a reminder. It's amazing how much of a mental difference these made for me, especially on my first squat session back since the injury.

3. One of our guys loads trucks at a freight company, and he has already ordered a second pair of the heavy sleeves (one size larger) to wear during those tough, cold days that he'll be up and down the dock all day. Yeah, they're that comfortable and supportive.

4. They don't hold sweat and odor as bad as other sleeves. (I have no idea about this yet, but I'm posting it because it was mentioned.)

5. The EFS Heavy Knee Sleeves provide plenty of structural support and keep the knees really warm. I could tell this when I switched between back and leg exercises. Usually I will have a moment or two of having to "warm back up," but that didn't happen tonight.

6. They're extremely supportive all the way around, without being binding or cutting into the skin. They're also plenty long enough to cover even the most giraffe-legged person (which I am not, but I thought I would mention it because several of the guys are 6 feet tall or more).

7. I love the way that the Heavy Knee Sleeves felt on my Plyo Box Jumps. If there is ever a time I need a lot of support on high-impact stuff, this is it. I felt so much more confident, especially on the drop-down of the jumps because I wasn't worried as much about my knees.

Do YOU Have A Pair Of elitefts™ Knee Sleeves? If so, I'd Love To Hear Feedback From You!!


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