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In this episode of Your Questions Answered, Dave Tate shares a brief training and health update in response to readers' questions.

Steve: A lot of people are asking, "What's the current state, and what do you have going on? And how is that affecting your training?"

Dave: My current state—I'm fucked up. I mean you're, I've always said that you're either hurt, injured, or fucked up. You know, I've got things now that are fucked up. So I have to find a way to modify the training to deal with it. So the current state is... the joint issues. The shoulder, since 2005, I've been told by several doctors that it needs to be replaced, but I've found a way to continue training with modifications. You know... I can't bench, I can't squat, there are certain things I can't do. And now I'm looking at the same situation with my hip, and I have some L5 and S1 issues, degeneration in the lower back... also degeneration in the upper back as well. So I assume that throughout this whole process that there's going to be other exercises that are going to go on my I.R. list—which is my injured and reserved list—which pretty much I'll never be able to do again, and I'm cool with that. So right now it's just a matter of figuring out what those exercises are going to be and trying to get out of this... Right now it's 100 percent constant state of pain. It does not go away. The shoulder goes away. You know, it was bad for a while, but then it went away. But I don't walk on my hands, I walk on my feet—which is where the hip and the back is. So we're working on... that first. So the way it's modified in my training is I listen to my therapist, I listen to the doctors. I do what I know I can do safely, and then, being a meathead, every now and again I will test some things...and usually my tests always fail. So the conversation I had today with my therapist is I'm done testing things. I'm just going to do the things that I know are safe and effective to get me through the therapy because every time I test something that fails, we are taking steps backwards. You know, I just want to be able... my goal right now, if I had you know one main goal, is to be able to walk without a limp. The second goal is to be relatively pain free. But then from there we'll decide, you know, where we're going to go. Mountain Dog Training—I'm still doing that. You know, it's just certain things there have to change exercise wise. So, some things have changed and some aren't, I try to detail it the best I can in my log.

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In this episode, Dave discusses the role his injuries are playing in his training.