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Steve: Okay, we have a question from Armin...I'm not going to try to pronounce his last name. It begins with a "K." He asks, "What are a few useful tips for someone that's going into their first meet?"

Dave: Show up. Is the first one. You know, just because you've signed up for it and decided to do it, is completely different than actually showing up and doing it. So, show up. Don't expect anything from the meet except to finish. That's the number one goal. Open with a weight that is very light that you know you can get any day of the week... and even if you got no sleep the night beforehand. So open light, you know, go a little bit more aggressive on your second, then on your third, you know, go for broke is kind of what I'm saying. But don't be concerned about the total. Just be concerned about getting and having a total. So your...everything you do in your first meet is a record. It doesn't matter what you did in the gym or what you didn't get in the gym. So just open light and make sure you're in the meet. I don't care if you can squat 300 pounds, open at 185—that's a complete joke. And then go to 250, 275, or whatever it is. But get the stupid opener, and to bomb out of your first meet is just dumb. And then from there you can progress. So show up, open light, you don't have to go nine for nine, but it would be nice. But you'd better go three for nine. You know, and if you go six for nine, that's even better. And you know, congratulations. That's the other thing. And have fun.

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In this episode, Dave shares a few tips for those preparing for their first meet.