EliteFTS Designer Knee Wraps Skulls

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For those of you who like to show a little personality.
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Just like the content at EliteFTS, we believe that wrap preferences are highly individual.  Some people like casting, others like tightness, some like a little bit of both. The same can be said for color too. 

So we asked the question - what about those people who want MORE than just a wrap? What about those of us who like to show a little more personality in the way we accessorize our training equipment. The Designer Wrap Series is our answer. 

The designer wraps are all created on the same base - a heavy cotton wrap that lends itself to different wrapping styles and techniques.  If you like tightness.. you can crank these babies down for some near-crippling tightness. If you like casting, a well-spread wrap will cast perfectly.  Want both? These deliver that too.

This wrap specifically has a cotton base with a skull print layer on top. This layer provides a little extra casting potential and helps "lock" the wrap to itself.

Available in 2.5m and 3m. Sold as a pair. 

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