EliteFTS Heavy Trident Knee Wraps Bright Green w/Blk Stripe


Heavy wraps for heavy payloads.


Oh, and they are really bright.  

Typically ships in 1 business day.

The EliteFTS Heavy Trident Knee Wraps are hands down some of the brightest knee wraps on the market. Ideal for blinding and distracting judges from your high squat, these wraps are made to handle serious weight.  Just like the Trident missile was made to carry heavy nuclear payloads, the Heavy Trident wrap is ready to support your heaviest attempts - combining stopping power and rebound in a devastating mix.  

These wraps don't play around and are definitely not comfortable when wrapped tight... but who is comfortable under a 1000lb squat anyway?


Sold in pairs; Available in 2.0m, 2.5m, and 3.0m. 

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