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Monster Mondo Leg Press

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The king of all leg presses, with isometric foot platforms and a variety of band attachment points...and more!

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Features Unilateral / Bilateral foot plate

53"x20" split foot plate

4 linear bearing guide rods (2 for each plate)

350 pound foot plate

6 weight loading pins (2@20", 2@6" and 2@8")

4 Band Pegs (2 top and 2 bottom)

33"x31" split adjustable seat

Adjustable safety catch pins

60 degree incline

4 plate storage pins with UHMW

92"x41 1/2" foot print

3x2 tubing

1.5in liner bearings

4 case hardened rods

Monster Mondo Leg Press

This unilateral / bilateral leg press is the largest leg press on the market. It's so big that it will not fit through a standard doorway and weighs in at close to 1200 pounds. Why? Because when we build a unit we want it to be the best! This leg press is loaded to the max.

  • Band Pegs
  • 68 inches of weight loading space
  • Double or single leg action
  • 4 Smooth linear bearing guide rods
  • Mondo 53"x20" Foot Plate

This machine is great for

Wide Stance leg Presses
Close Stance Leg Presses
Toe Presses
Single Leg Presses
Plus any leg press stance you can dream up

Total Area of use is 107"L x 68"W x 66"T

Ok, we know it's a leg press and many don't see the value in them. This is why we jacked it up to the point is has become a machine that can make a difference in the weight room. This is not one of those 35 degree, load a zillion pounds on it leg presses. This is the real deal! The 45 degree angle makes all the difference in the world. If you don't believe it, try it.

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