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elitefts™ Professional Power Rack R3

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The ORIGINAL R3 - the best power rack on the market!

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Features 3x3 Steel Frame

11 Gauge Steel

1-1/2" and 2" Hole Spacing

Sumo Base

Powder Coated

Dip Attachment

Step Up Attachment

Chin Bar

(4) Rod and Pin Spotters

(4) J Hooks

7'-6.5" Tall

Band Holders

Top Rack Band Attachments

Bottom Rack Band Attachments

Rack Specs: 7'-6.5" tall and 43x59 inside squatting area.

The total foot print is 49x61

EFS Professional Power Rack R3

What separates elitefts™ racks from the competition?

Backer Plates at all connection points. This provides greater stability and ensures that the rack frame will not be damaged or bent during assembly.

Rear K-Brace standard on all racks to help stabilize the Power Rack.

Weight Storage is welded to 3/8" flat bar then bolted onto the rack for the strongest weight storage possible.

Sumo Base to allow a wide stance for squatting and dead lifting.

Completely customizable to fit your needs including but not limited to color, height, chin bars, etc.

Comes partially assembled to allow for the first training session to begin quicker with the least amount of assembly as possible.

11 gauge steel (1/8" thick) but by using Backer Plates that are 3/8" thick the bolts have 1/2" of material supporting the connection on one side and 3/8" on the other.

Manufactured in the USA.

Lifetime warranty on all frames and welds.

Tested by the strongest athletes in the world.

This is the king off all power racks. This rack is built with 3x3, 11 gauge steel with plenty of room for all your training needs. The added band attachments on both the top and bottom of the rack will add to your arsenal of band training movements. We even added band hooks (band storage), weight racks (weight storage), a chin up bar, a dip attachment, two sets of J hooks, two sets of safety pins, and a step up platform attachment. This rack also features our special rack hole spacing (1" and 2" spacing) as well as the sumo base for wide stance lifting. It does not get any better than this!

Rack Includes

* Weight Storage
* Sumo Base for wide stance training
* Adjustable band pegs for different tensions
* * Band storage
* Adjustable step up
* Adjustable dip attachment
* 1.5 and 2 inch hole spacing
* Two sets safety pins for all type of pin training
* chin bar
* Two sets J-cups

"I purchased the R3 Squat Rack from you earlier this year and it's working out great! So far I've added about 30 kg onto my squat, and actually dumped 260 kg on the pins with no bending. It's a great piece of equipment that I can do everything I need to do. Working out in my garage, I needed that piece of mind, especially since I only work out with one guy, spotting was a concern. I shopped around for quite a while before I settled on the R3 and it's been worth every penny. Great stuff." - Tony Horvath

This rack has become our number one best seller over the years for one reason, people love it. They love the way it looks and they love the way it works. They all understand a power rack is the most important piece of any weight room and were looking for rack options that would get the job done. The R3 rack has it all!

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