elitefts™ Walk- Thru Monolift

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The Walk-Through Monolift allows for an easy flow of lifters in a large training crew or on meet day, while still boasting many of the same features of our traditional monolifts.

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EFS Walk-Thru Mono Style Squat Stand

Monolifts are great for squatting big weights and using extreme band tension. This new design lets you squat without the distraction of the monolift. This is great for meet directors that want to give the audience a better show.

Comes with spotter stands towards the rear of the monolift that the spotters can use to place the weight on after a missed attempt. Also comes drilled with band pegs for easy band training. Pegs are easily removed for safe spotting and loading for meets.


* 66" wide
* 56" long
* Squatting area 58.5" side to side; 39.5 inches front to back
* 8.5 feet tall

Band Attachments: This allows you to set up and use the bands much easier. The widest setting (the widest distance between the band pegs) is by far the most tension we have ever felt. You no longer have to use a special device to tighten the bands or attach a 2x4 to the side of the monolift.

Textured Posts: The black, vertical, textured posts on the Deluxe Monolift are the same as the posts on the EFS Collegiate Rack. Not only do these make the equipment look better but they can stand up to more punishment.

UHMW protection: What the hell is UHMW? It is a fancy way of saying "plastic." The UHMW protection is applied to the places on the monolift that tend to take the most damage (the top of the feet from chains, the sides where you would lean the plates) are now protected. No more scratching paint and ruining an integral part of your training arsenal.

elitefts™.com Inc. does not support or endorse the use of any suspension strap, chain, rope, band or other device from the top of this equipment. This can result in serious injury and or death. Using such attachments is at the risk and liability of the user and not that of elitefts™.com Inc., its partners, or its manufactures.

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