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EZ Strap Deadlift Loader (Pair)

Are you sick of chains falling off the bar when you pull? This will allevaite that problem, and allow for a variety of clever mounting points for chains and bands during your workouts.
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You are training with your crew and your max deadlifts vary by 225 pounds. Changing the chain set-ups from lifter to lifter becomes a tangled mess.

Or, you are destroying your posterior chain (and testing your vomit threshold) by doing drop-setted deadlifts with chains.

The EZ Deadlift Loader simplifies the process, allowing for fast adjustments at varying heights. This makes it possible to have two sets of chains engage at the start of the rep with a second pair (or more) kicking in just below the knees.

These are sold in pairs.

This allows for a truly customizable accommodating resistance DL training session!

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